Beyond What Is Seen

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Girl, look what I wrote
It takes strength to dream and realize
The road goes beyond what you see

I know your loneliness hurts
And it's hard to be happy
More than all of us
You assume the sky
I know that the wind that bent the flower
Also went through our home
And it was you who turned
With brush strokes

I know, it's the love that no one else sees
Let me see the girl
Take your flies more
The family pack goes behind

Puts one more at the dinner table
Because today I'll see you Prai
And it takes the sound of this TV
So we can talk
Says using the guitar pro bamba
Tico pro asks me to wait
And warns that I'll only get
On the last wagon

It's good to see you smile
Let the girl come
I'm also going back
And the band says, well it's done!

I know your loneliness hurts ...
I know that dinner table ...

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