Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)

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In the town of Louisville they got a man called Big Bad Bill
I want to tell you he sure was tough
Yeah all folks scared to death when he walked by they held their breath
He was a mighty man sure enough
Now Bill took himself a wife now he's a different guy
Big Bad Bill is Sweet William now
Married life has changed him somehow
Yet he's not the man they used to fear now the people call him Sweet Papa Willie Dear
Stronger than Sampson I'll declare and he's bound in mama comb his hair
Big Bad Bill don't fight anymore wash his dishes and he might sweep the floor
Yeah he used to spend his evenings a lookin' for a fight
But now he gotta see his mama every night
Cause Big Bad Bill is Sweet William now
[ guitar - dixieland ]
Yeah he used to spend his evenings...

Autor(es): Jürgen Reil / Milton Ager

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