Dick Curless

Big Foot

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Big big big Foot there's nothin' you can't do
Big big big foot Missouri's proud of you

Down in the cotton country a Big Foot boy was born
The doctor told his ma and pa he'd be tall as indian corn
When he was only two years old he pulled a cotton sack
He'd pick a row of cotton leave an acre full of tracks

He backed up to see his foot prints down in that bottom land
Backed up so far he found himself halfway to Alabam
And when it came to breakin' ground Big Foot would show 'em how
He'd hitch a mule to both his shoes and use them for a plow

Big big big Foot there's nothin' you can't do...

One summer it began to rain it poured for weeks and weeks
And everybody knew the Mississip had reached her peak
Word came from Cape Geraldo a flood was on the way
And it would cover Caruthersville before the break of day

The town began to panic everybody on the run
They all headed for Crawley's Ridge all except one
Big Foot tossed them sand bags and you could hear him cry
Ya'll don't worry about a thing I'll save the town or die

Big big big Foot there's nothin' you can't do...

The rain it kept a coming down the river comin' up
The Mississip was raging now and things were gettin' rough
Then suddenly it happened the levy it broke through
But Big Foot held that river back with one of his big shoes

When everything was over the folks came back to town
But the only trace of Big Foot was his foot prints on the ground
Some say that he's still livin' workin' on a river boat
But the only thing they ever found was two big shoes afloat

Big big big Foot there's nothin' you can't do...
Big Foot Big Foot Big Foot Big Foot

Autor(es): Jack Ripley

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