Big Time Annie's Square

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I came back to find my Annie'd moved away
To some town in California close in something somewhere close to east LA
Don't think finding her was easy cause something sure had changed my Tulsa girl
But I came here to show my love and try to understand her crazy world
I was thrilled because she treated me with joy
And was glad she still remembered
Well enough to know someone she called her boy
And I've heard about those sugar cutes before I ever came to find her there
I was glad to be excepted even though I've known as big time Annie's square
I'm just big time Annie's leaning post someone she can turn to now and then
Annie says I'm feeble but Annie's friends don't question
The square John known as big time Annie's friend
[ guitar ]
Well sometimes I feel happy through and through
And I always find excuses for anything my Annie wants to do
We don't agree on nothin' but I'll be dangled if we don't make the pair
My friends call her hippie and her friends call me big time Annie's square
I'm just big time Annie's leaning post...

Autor(es): Merle Haggard

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