Todd Kerns

Big Time Superstar

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They're sweepin' up your street of dreams
And your town of tinsel has rusted to a broken tin machine
And all the ones that called your name
Call for the next one to take your place while you fade away

You shoulda been kinder on your way up
Now you've fallen down

Big time superstar
Your autograph's worth nothing now
What went up has surely come down
Big time superstar
You had it good, you had it all
Where are you now?

Haunted by the ghost of you
That no one remembers
Replaced by something shiny, something new
And the wheel keeps turning just the same
I hope it was worth it
The price of fame for ol' whatshisname

Don't you know that they only built you up
Just to knock you down


You threw it all away
Nothing lasts forever
Life is short but life is long
You threw them all away
And the ones you thought that mattered
Well, where are they now?