Bird In Flight

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He runs to the water's edge
To feel the sea
To smell the air
To feel he's free
He does not really need to see

To this unhappy child
He's a no - no
No, no he cannot see

Told about water
Told about fire (it bites)
Told about birds
They're wild and free
They're everything he dreams to be
Everything his mind can see

No, no, no, no, no, no
No, no you'll never see

Never see water
Animals slaughtered
Never see daylight
Never see fire
Alone in the dark
His mind sets him free
He becomes wild and free

Birds in the trees
I see they can breathe fire
I see, I see my mother
She's a liar
I'm flying higher
Screaming to my mother
You're a liar

I'm a yes yes
Now my eyes can see

Up through the clouds
Swoop past the sea
Through my bedroom window
Over the city
To my home in the sky
I wanna cry

A letter to mum says
"Goodbye Mum"
This is goodbye

Remember how I cried
You said I lied
You didn't believe me
You didn't believe me
I could walk through walls
Grow ten feet tall
Touch the ceiling
Be a special child

I rise to my feet
Walk through my wall
Turn the corner
Grow ten feet tall
I run to the water's edge
I'm standing on the cliff edge

I run back
Back a few feet
I turn
I turn around
I run

I run to the cliff edge
Run to the cliff edge
Run to the cliff edge
Run to the cliff edge

I'm a bird in flight
I'm a bird in flight
I'm wild
I'm free
I'm wild
I'm free
A bird in flight (I'm wild)
A bird in flight (I'm free)
A bird in flight (I'm wild)
A bird in flight (I'm free).