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The birth right of a crew out the 310.
Long Beach,CA if you're from the hills and don't know.
We've spent many years and paid many dues,
five record companies later and this all rings true.
Put into situations that felt kind of odd,
but you get what you wish when you want this to be your job.
We put a record out with minimal clout
and then the people knew what the life was all about
and as many things go all the people they requisted
to pick up every thing and move to areas untested.
One trailer, one van, in debt all the way.
Playing the east coast, bur what would happen none could say.

Coming straight our the LBC
A city with a crew so large you can't see me
To put this one the boods just incase you don't know
To ressurect out the ashes of the 310

At the LBC

Check the new Johnny Cash to hear the places that we've played,
and with all the local bands there's no doubt that we would slay.
Except for "Bonedance" cause we were warned to inspect ya.
Then talked to right people and now you don't get a record,
but anything we saw it all struck us as amazing.
At breakneck speed between shows highways were blazing.
When we got back the slander it all filled the dome
but you get what you wish when you want this to be your home

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