Birthrise of the Graven Image

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Solstice winds at twilight
Moaning prophetic fear
A rising tide bears terror
Birthrise of the graven image
Fetid the night air
The stillbirth was not...
In the graveyard faith
Hell-born cloven hoof made flesh
I have seen the signs...
Famine, fire and plague.
Unhorned as of yet
But still (it) commands
The final conquest of peace
And lightning prays...
Mortals terror has now spread
Crest riding the winds of war
Hopelessnenss rapes in its wake
Birthrise of the graven image
I have seen the sighs...
Famine, fire and plague.
Unbroken ground in the boneyard
Lightning purifies in strike
Fire consecrates the rest
Birthrise of the graven image
Black clouds bury the dead sun
(as the) moon takes its rightful place
Dawn and morning are nevermore
Earth Bows to its new master
I have seen the signs...
These new horns need to crown

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