Barbecue Bob

Black Skunk Blues

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I caught a pretty little animal : it was striped black
and white
What it done to me : spoiled me the rest of my life

I thought it was a squirrel : I took him into my camp
When I put him down : all my clothes was damp

All the people around me : they give me plenty of air
It was so doggone strong : I sniffled it everywhere

I never smelled a smell : that smelled so doggone bad
It was the worst old smell : baby I ever had

I jumped into the water : I scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed
But I smelled stronger : baby the harder I rubbed

It was a doggone polecat : and he [sure] ain't no friend
of mine
He as pretty as a white dog : but he ain't worth a
doggone dime

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