Bittersweet Life

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Ballerina, watching TV all alone
Hard to see her in the house that was our home
I had to go and leave her lonely

Here in this world of mine
Hearing these words of rhyme
Haunted by earlier times

Here comes the song that leaves me weak
Tears run along my smiling cheek
Trickle in the ocean
I know she couldn’t stay by my side
She couldn’t take living the bittersweet life

Sunday mornings, that will never be the same
God, if you see me now, could you take me away
To the days before these days?
I’d turn my head and watch her dance

Wish I could stay right here
The music, it sounds so clear
The chorus is drawing near


Love was gone, love was through
Love was all she ever knew
Somewhere in the eyes of someone
I might find a love like hers for me
When I step into the light will I be free
From the song that’s haunting me?


Autor(es): Jaap Kwakman / Jan Dulles / Kipp Lennon / Mark Lennon / Michael Lennon / Vic Tolen

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