Black Biohazard

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Devil bitch riding on killer wheels
Burning up the tar under neon lights
Leather on fire must be under there
Kiss those lips, vampire hips

Ripping town singing midnight blues
Telephone is ringing in my car...
Watch her burn, watch her turn
Devil bitch pumping with her crimson heels

Black Biohazard
Coming my way
Black Biohazard

21st century techno witch
Cruising downtown to Chinatown
Trash queen mama shit load of cash
Gonna lick your scars then she'll steal your car

Shut your mouth she will shoot yuo up
Radio is blasting in her car...
Gun metal shining teeth
Lollipop babe gonna make you bleed

Black Biohazard
Coming your way
Black Biohazard
She'll make your day

whip it down!
whip it down!
whip it!!

Autor(es): YAMADA Masaki