Black Bird's Lullaby(e)

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a black bird flies across the rusty gates
his claws tug away our bleeding love
regarding fears through the looking glass
a withered rose hovered above

a black bird flies
across the sea
passion dies
for his lucidity

sing the black bird's lullaby
waves take our ashes to the sea of loss
bleeding in the lucid sky
I laugh at your holy cross

let's sing the black birds lullaby
and it seems that love will never die

seadust weeps our melody
the night is clear, colours dry up in the rain
silent oppression fills my mind
into water descends the pain

I tell you children of the night
beware of lonely bleeding birds
black ravens fulfilled w/ passion
as the lunar sea devoures their tears of blood
we believe in love to be the sacrifice
believe until the blood of love is raining down

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