Buried Dreams

Black Dragon

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As a lengend long forgotten by time
The untold story from our dreams
Now he opens the eyes again
He is the one who has the power
Fire on black wings
The dragon shall...fye again !

His sound resound in my head
They touch my open and open my mind
An answer of life I couldn't undestand
But why am I the choosen one?
The meaning of the sign
And open path to the sky !

Fly mighty dragon
To all those open skies
We shall turn into eternity
Believe in our cry !

The spirits of nature are calling again
Back to the time when it all once began
I walk throught the forest to follow the call
Feeling it it me...
Fire, wind, water and earth
Rise up to the skies as many ages ago
Hears the silence that´s growing ligth
My spirit flies free...

Crossing the seas to reach a new land
Looking on forward for a different life
In the skies the stars shine bright
But will they forever there?
That's a question you won't understand
I can tell you inmortality