Blood and Alcohol

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The malaciated and olid viscera
A causatum of the forensic dissection
My task is to lavage the morgue
I'm the morbid anatomy technician...

I dispose of fetid organs and refuse
With fervor I find I am embroiled
Punctiliously picking up pathological pelf
To shuffle off this mortal toil...

With soap I daub, The instruments I swab, A very gory job...

On my hands and knees I scrape
Pools of sered cess
Deodorize the stench
Of this rotted human mess...

Mopping up the macerated melena, I take a sponge to the imbrued walls
Sterilizing the slab with bleach and cleanser, The blue tile is besmirched with the stains of...
Blood and alcohol...

Autor(es): Exhumed