Black Metal War

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This is war!

Two thousand years of oppression
Centuries of christian lies
Hate growing inside of me
Burning me up inside
Twisting and blackening my mind
It's time to avenge!

Souls of black unite!
To black metal war!

Time has arrived to gather
The true hordes of darkness
Under the banner of pentagram
Unite, all anti-christian spirits
Grind your swords, load your guns
Slaughter the priests, rape the crying nuns!

Sons of satan gather!
The black metal war!!!

Burn the temples of their christ
Murder the followers of the impotent God
Tear up their holy book of lies
Crucify the whore!

Paint black their churches
With their own blood
Invert the crosses, desecrate the altars
Crush all that is holy!

Time has arrived!
Black metal war!
Fuck you all!
Black metal war!


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