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Fear grips the heart of man as locust black the sky
Over a nation that takes a stand for crooked
Spineless, murderers, self-righteous thieves

They slither on the ground like a venomous disease
They drink from the cup of ruin and desolation
And they will soon choke on the blood of the innocent

Tears for tears, vengeance for vengeance
You sow in deceit and you reap the consequences
Bloodshed for bloodshed, the treacherous betray
You sing a song of grace, but with terror you repay

All your enemies will blackout the sky
Over this wicked land for your atrocities
Of enslaving the oppressed, backlash
The weary catch a breath pushing back against the wall
That held the captive in

You will pay, you will pay, you will pay, pay
For selfishness and greed, for endless hypocrisy
For crimes against humanity your judgment is released

Meet your doom, how can you be so blind to the truth?
Meet your doom, how can you be so blind?
Meet your doom, meet your doom

It will come swiftly for all to see, for all to see
Drawn and quartered, drawn and quartered
Drawn and quartered for all to see
Drawn and quartered

America will plead for innocence
But mercy will not be given to the merciless
Only punishment

Autor(es): Advent