Black & Yellow (West LA)

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Mo' Money, Mo' Problems, so what?
Young nigga but my dollas so grown up
Cliché; that line wasn't original
But it relates perfectly so I spit it bro
New swags ain't Mann with a different flow
The more respect I get, the more I start to feel myself
Only can think of one word when I hear myself; swag
People be like that lil' nigga dope
I look on Twitter, and see these people tweet my quotes
Follow me @MANN in case you didn't know
But I'm a say it again 'though it was said befo'
All these hating niggas meet my ass under the mistletoe
Tell a friend 2 tell a friend about that nigga Mann
Double the N's, always going a hundred-and-ten percent
Hard body; karate, must be chopped bricks
And eat these rappers up. Where my chopsticks?
One thing I do know you are is not sick
But I'm it, no motherfucker I'm I'll like long fish
I'm all that and a bone grip, word to Wiz
Been rocking Chuck Taylors, before we heard of Wiz
Them the shoes acting LA niggas preferred to get
Smooth and fly, never heard the word turbulence
First class, leave me 'lone, don't disturb the bricks
I'm in the business of writing five verses and going in
Radio songs playing over and over again
It's not common a rapper can do both
Especially one coming from the West Coast
But all this spectated, I had to let know
You can do it without crossing over to Techno
Never let go, got money, so what give mo'?
Confident on my own two, these niggas on they tip toe
Why you fronting fo'? Tell me what you fronting fo'
That's the regular pattern of these artists; come and go
They all in for a single, then they album thrash
But that's how most of these so called "rappers" last
But it's cool cause now socal rap is back
Birthday grown Aftermath, we the aftermath of that
Jerking for the kids, and quiveling to the Atlanta Snap
After East Coast battle rap, hit that off the trap
See it's all lyrics and swag so we had to adept
Put the city back on the map; West LA to be exact
Since I signed a contract with Def Jam/Beluga Heights
They ain't know I could do it like... that
You know what it is...
You know what it is...
I'm from a town where nobody ever hesitates
To get that money, it's on time, yeah, they never late
And I be fly all day like every day
Where you from fool? West LA, West LA