The Lovin' Spoonful

Blues In A Bottle

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Blues in the bottle
Blues in the bottle

Where do you think you're at
Pretty mama
Blues in the bottle
where do you think you're at

You went and kicked my dog

And now you've drowned my cat
I'm going to

Goin' to Chattanoogie, goin' to Chattanoogie

To see my ponies run, pretty mama
I'm goin' to Chattanoogie to see my ponies run
If I win a prize 
I'll give my baby some

Well I'm goin' to Sillypuddie , and I'm goin' to Sillypuddie
And I'm sorry I can't take you home, pretty mama

Goin' to Sillypuddie, sorry but I can't take you
I can't abide no woman
Who goes round sniffin' glue

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