Blazing Hate

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Finally I stand before my nemesis
Burning hatred's flowing through my veins
I raise my sword in a silent greeting
With fury my battlecry sounds

Spawn of darkness die by my hand, paint my sword red
You shall suffer my beloved's fate
Die now bastard you have destroyed all that I lived for
You shall suffer like my people have

What is there now for me?
My foe lie slain before my feet
I see dark shadows flee
But still the rage possesses my heart

It feels like I'm on fire
Blazing hate has now consumed my mind
Still I'm searching for a foe
The hordes has broken their ranks
In chaos they're retreating
I'm gonna hunt them down one by one

The lastremains of the once so mighty horde
Now lie bleeding in the soil
I throw my, I throw my hands up in the air
And howl for the pain I have to bear

What is there now for me?
I see the horde lie slain before me
The taste of victory's so bitter-sweet
My rage turns into sorrow in my heart

The fury so hot has left me
Blazing hate is scattered in the wind
Now I'm searching for the Gods
Cold determination
I set into my mind
One task remains

I shall seek them out to slay them
I seek the spiritworld
A land not travelled by mortal men
From where the Gods control our lives
Now it will end


Towards the light I have to go
To make this peace last forevermore
And, ha, now I'm almost as mad as them
I see a thousand points of light...

Autor(es): Jonas Heidgert

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