Frozen Mist

Bleeding Grey Skies

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These are the skies I live and breathe
Beautiful thoughts of beauty and flesh
Incinerate in me when you open my chest
Hatred raining down on me internally wickedness.

Acid always drowning me, this pain that makes me feel
This is my sky I bleed under...

On this fifteenth day of your last year
Plagued by your disease of eternal fear
I set the clock back to zero
I'm your enemy, not your hero.

These days that go by under grey and broken skies
I believe in the afterlife...
But you will never see the other side of the line...

This is the end -
You bleed out your eyes and skin again.
Shredding it to go down south
Stick up your mouth and bleed.

Blisters of your anger gashes out of your pain!
Keep me fed on your pain,
Salt in the wound. I eat you dry!
Blasphemy in your nature dying in your plans!

I bleed under grey skies! (4x)

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