Bleed The King

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Be sure to be awaken
I'm coming back for my throne
Winter has fall for grace
I'll show where you belong

Watch your words, keep your head stand
Protect your sons and daughter
The game just coming to cut you head
Cause I am king, devour

Come on bleed for convictions
The sadness is becomig faith
Rise your standards to fire kiss
And feel the wrath of the red waste

Burn 'em all
In the name of vengence I'll put a sword into your throat
Cause the crown belongs to me
Honor from fire and blood
They say: We'll follow you,
Fighting teeth by teeth
They said: We'll love you,
And they said that on my knees

The red comet marks my name
Screaming 'bout my sons has born
A cross the other, in the cradle of sun
The castle of south without a lord
Burn 'em all

Autor(es): Giovani Kanavian