Jesse Malin

Block Island

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All your love
Is not enough
The ferry pulled away
From the Block Island bay
It had been so many eyars
And an ocean full of tears
Oh she's a beautiful baby and oh
I like her a lot
Time just slips away
You can feel it in the bottom of your soul

Learning how to live
You got so much to give
Cathy came to town
And wore her wedding gown
Oh she's like Coney Island
At night she lights up the sky
I'm too scared to dance on those
Broken hearted beaches of romance

All your love is not enough
Fly my dove you're in my blood

Baby hold me
Hold me five minutes more
While you're walking out the door
Lonely Jesus on the wall
He was a drifter man
But in the end he came again

The ferry came to shore
And CNN was keeping score
The happy bride and groom
Left on their honeymoon
And I cried all the way from
Rhode Island to the folks on 6th and A
All your love is not enough
Fly away my dove you're in my blood

Autor(es): Jesse Malin

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