Blood Of Angels

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I call upon thee,
Mighty gods of war,
Primordial lords of chaos,
Of unrelenting evil,
Come thee forth now,
The time has come,
To storm the holy throne,
And kill the first born son.

Black storm in the distance,
Our star is on the rise,
The holy pig will see my name,
In lightning across the skies,
Writhe screaming Nazarene,
Bleed from the eyes,
Great be your suffering,
Death for your lies.

[Lead: Stormbringer]
[Lead: Necromancer]

Beyond nightmarish visions,
Dark star falls to earth,
With the key to plague and torture,
With the key to the abyss,
Violent fury,
Funeral war,
Blood red ocean,
Light no more.

An empire of satanik rule,
Shall this black earth be again,
And on the skulls of holy pigs,
Shall stand the throne of my father.

...And his wine will be the blood of angels!

Autor(es): Stormbringer

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