Bloodred Moon

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If I told you 'bout my love, would you believe me
I don't think you would, Do you know
What this pain does to my soul, Don't think so
Tell me, Do you know

Don't tell me stories of lovers left behind
You know I can never win
Dreams, are dust in the wind
Does time ever change this memory

Don't smile
Don't tell me everything will be alright
Cause when I look up, then all I see is
A bloodred moon

I thought somehow, that you were true
Never questioned anything, Is this
What takes to see a different world, Is this
What made you walk away, turn away from me

Don't look back, Don't look into my eyes again
Don't tell me you want me, to be your friend

Tell me, Do you remember the few days long ago
And will this emptiness, vanish in the rain
Can you tell the good things from the bad
Or can you tell me, what would have been If

So don't tell me everything will be alright
For you, there will never be loneliness, But If
So don't tell me everything will turn out fine
For you, all that I will leave behind...
A bloodred moon

I still see, a bloodred moon
I will always see, this bloodred moon
I don't want to see, you
Set faith in a, bloodred moon
Never to love again

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