Bloodred Utopia

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Ravens flew and all colors disappeared
Darkness emeged from the bleakness
Of this mortal world what a disgusting place
A step closer to the pits of hell
You life distracted, your soul departed
The sacred aim completed
All flowers withered in universe so pale
This is the place no one may ever reach
A point of no return
Far beyond the within
Caverns made of sulfer, conceald in
Everlasting snowfalls of gray
The only river flows deadly frozen
There're no more tears, and no more peace
No loving soul to cover you
No more sun to grant us warmth
All horizons weep in laughter
For they're shattered
None of the prophecies fulfilled
There's no more trust in dreams
Luing bastards of despair
Our desires died the death of poor
It's the wrong place to seek shelter
It's all too wrong
Oblivion (still) has a color: bloodred

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