Lil Wayne

Blowing Up Fast

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Bitch i'm mack maine
And this young money
You better get 'em

Straight out the hood a young hoodlum
Done what i shouldn't did what they say i couldn't
Hid where all the killers hid at
Hung where the other hustlas slung at
Waiting on the get back
Get that
Flip that
Debating on the mix match
Switch that from dope to coke i'm blowin up fast
Now you niggas is slowing up fast
(secret weapons) "i can hear myself but i can't feel myself, i wanna feel myself like tweet!"
Now my niggas is blowin up aves
If i tell 'em you niggas is holding up cash
Rollin up stepping outta the phantom's ass
Put cha litters away ur talking to a can of gas
There's nothing to say no matter who comes to ask
And murder ain't funny but we do love to laugh
Shit we just living take money take baths
Take a nigga bitch and fuck her
And send her back wit nothing
Now isn't that disgusting
Give him back his sista give him back his cousin
Yea, go make a stack or something
Go and buy yourself a spine and give back the frontin'
Yea and to end that discussion
I been had strength i just got the muscle
Fuck ya, this that 'n' the other
I see my people struggle wish that they wasn't
The government try to put us in a muzzle
But you're two fingers ain't the pieces to da puzzle
Shit say to each his own hustle
And i hustle all night and then go home to the fussin'
Then wake up to the fuckin'
Breakfast in bed don't forget my english muffin
Hawaiin punch tastes like robitussin
A nigga jus livin jus breathin jus puffin'
Come on mama drop down and curl up
Dick millimeter cock back and murda
Aye senorita we cannot go any further
If my girl catch us both in the spot she will merk us
Pussy niggas talkin all that slop we will merk cause
Hungry ass niggas i tote two hamburgers
Who want beef? who want beef? i bring it to your front door and now you seem nervous
Two seater swervin'
Traffic to hell wit it
Shit you can't die with it can't go to jail with it
Might as well wild in it passin and feelin' it
Me i excel fishtail and tailwhip it
Give them niggas somethin' to tell them bitches
Smellin like money at a full court scrimmage
If found at the table got a four course dinner
Young money cash money dump a fatty on da winner
And yet he understood us so when we told em' break it off
Cause gangstas don't' talk one word'll be a walk
And yo platoon can't handle the destruction
Hard body baby killin' sound like seduction
Them niggas chase dope bitches follow the instructions
Sometimes you gotta put the whole rooster in the oven
So tell the public i'mma do my thing
Just as soon as i hear dat bing
Gotta come in
Comin' up
You niggas jus runner up
And runnin' up'll get you in that wheel chair forever
It's whatever
I'm still here forever
Cause the lil'nigga better than all you niggas together
I'm gone

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