Blue Mountain River

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Blue mountain river, if only for a while,
Take me to the river, lay down by your side,
The world is full of madness and I find it hard to smile,
Take me through winter and wait for summertime.

Take me where you're going I 'll be right by your side.

Blue mountain river, comfort me a while,
I'll follow down the river, I'll follow you till night,
I listen to you whispers, you dance in time to mine,
We'll stay awake together watching silver in the sky.

Blue mountain river, I wanna rest a while,
You're changing my reflection and the seasons in my mind,
Let these days go on forever, I 'll leave in my own time,
Take me where you're going and I'll be right by your side.

Blue mountain river, I went there for a while,
I listened for an answer and I found it deep inside,
When I'm lost behind the shadows and I wanna run and hide,
My blue mountain river is there right by my side. x2

Autor(es): Cara Dillon / Sam Lakeman

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