Jazz Butcher

Blues For Dean Read

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I saw you here some years ago
you've had your teeth fixed - I don't know
You're too old to be cute in your Joan Collins boots
do you think you'll get carried off into a movie?
all the things he's going to make you need
He's going to make you sweat
he's going to make you bleed
he's going to make you up
he's going to make you dance
to his tune
and it goes like this...

They walked out of the house
with no trouble at all
they walked out of the house
and they went through The Wall
( This is a vile perversion of a sixties DDR pop song about The Wall. It's a long story. )

now never again the aisles of Intershop
never again the tank on a stick
never again to be "Klein Bus"
the whole damn nation lost to us

Trinken wir doch, meiner Brüder
Trinken wir jetztmal zum Rot
Trinken wir alle zusammen
morgen is jedermann tot.

Autor(es): Pat Fish

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