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Seasick, youre making me feel seasick,
But if I start to be sick I will trust you,
You know what to do, you know what to do...

Clever, somehow I love you more than ever,
And if we cant be together, then I must admit that...
I dont wanna know. I dont wanna know.

You said: You make me feel so braindead when Im around you,
Braindead, in my head right now.

Braindead, you got me feeling braindead,
Is it something you said?
Or was it cause I said: I love you so, said : I love you so?

Never, I cant leave you ever, and if we cant be together,
Well... I dont wanna know, I dont wanna know!

Braindead, in my head now...
Braindead, in my head right now.

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