Acoustic Junction

Bombay Bound

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Heading out of new york good ole j.f.k.
Getting on a sky ride to a place so far away
Where am i going where will i stay
But oh i feel so free today

Wondering if i'm lost or if i'm found
Who's to say whose square and who is round
The turban man he speaks not a sound
And don't you know i'm bombay bound

And i'm searching for the meaning and the light
Who's to say who's wrong and who is right
You know it must be dark before it's bright

The moon lights up the taj mahal ohboy
Women hide their faces so coy
On the road the world becomes your toy
Next stop city of joy

And of all those crazy places i've never seen such
Children's faces
Those faces spoke of life and spoke of love

And don't you know i'm bombay bound
Yeah don't you know i'm bombay bound
Don't you know i'm bombay bound

Autor(es): Marc Singer

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