Bombay Sapphires

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Were to Me - Everything
That Love Stood For
To Love One Another For Awhile
Was Enough -
It Was All That I Lived For
How Can I Go On Without You
Can I Go On - Without You
I Tell Myself - This Time
I'm Going to Have to -
Move On

It's Like
Bombay Sapphires
Hey I Can Take You Higher
Whatever You Desire
I Can Mend Your Heart

It Is Green
It Is Aqua Marine
It Is Colors I Have Never Seen
I Can See Past You - to the White Sand...
It Is Blue
It Is Not About You
It Is All True
You Know--who I Am

The Sea Never Changes - Not Really
It Is the Constant in My Life
I Always Return Here
To the Flash of Those Colors
Through Every Window
The Wind Through the Night
Here I Am Dramatic
Here I Am Not Waiting
Here I Am Not Listening
For the Call of the Wind


It's Like Purple Haze
It's There Every Day
Its Passion Never Fades
You Know What I Mean


Autor(es): Stevie Nicks

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