Manic Depression

Breed The Fear

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Buried deep in my own subconscious
Minds strive for outside
In the snowstorm of the north cold winter
I call demons to rise
Tormented souls of the mortal sinners
Rise to take a one's revenge
In the snowstorm of the north cold winter
I bite them with the endless hate

Free my reason which blind
Demons call me and I cry
Bless me in insanity
Reek is all what I feel
Ancient rites becomes so real
And I hear sounds of steel
Sacrificial fire burns
Mortal hour so long

Won't I come burning...the world is watching
Could I imagine the pain
Voices from the stars crush my rest and I hear
I'm heretic! Yes!
Anger and hate so I burn and suffer
That breeds the fear in me
Feeding on lies my belief
They damn my family till the seven knee

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