Bomb The Music Industry! - Bomb The Music Industry! (And Action Action) (And Refused) (And Born Agai

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One more just passed me by.
I'm running out of fake interest in everybody doing shit.
I think about ten months ago when
I was drinking in Seattle about as far away as I could go.

So wait 'til tomorrow.
It's happiness vs. survival.
And you know that life can be a drag.
I'll be happy at the bottom of the pile
Brass rings were never my style.
Don't mind me 'cause soon I'll be out of your way.

Where can anyone possibly be comfortable?
'Cause everybody has to eat and there's not enough to go around.
At a job working for a power grab or at a show bitching about a time slot.
We all gotta be heard and it's all the same,
No one has interesting to say.

Say "Fuck tomorrow!"
Stop worrying about your survival.
You know that life can be a drag.
You'll punch and kick to the top of the heap
And you'll be replacable like all the other sheep.
Workers of the world unite and just give up.

Give up on me 'cause the truth is I'm not happy either way.
Everyone is SOOO original.
Everybody's clever nowadays.
I wanna drop out of the human race tonight.

I'll wait til tomorrow.
I always wait til tomorrow.
You crushed my spirits for today.
I'm happy at the bottom of the pile.
Brass rings were never my style.
Just try and be polite when you push me out of your way.

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