Ahead to the Sea


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It was 20 years ago, in the north of India
there was a city called Bophal
With lots of industry, and so was the UCC,
a profit driven poison making company

(for) Elevenhundred seventy
you purchase a big fat tv
or stay a week in a resort hotel
But if you own a company, a really big fat company
That's the prize to send a man to hell
Send a man to hell, send a man to hell
Send a man to hell, send a man to hell

Vengatesh was the son, of a hard-working father,
he was loved by his mom
When he went outside that night,
he did not realize that he would never see the sun again


In the middle of the night, there was a big explosion,
an enormous flashin light
40 tons of poison in the air,
Vengatesh and 7000 other people died in that night


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