Andre Nickatina

Boss Soss Talk

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I'm so extraordinary
St. John just like Walter Berry
Pinch my gift like the LA dodgers
Hold Death fine like you need a Rodgers
Talk my slang as I flash my rangs'
Holla at dames that love my game
Blunt still lit in my new stance whip
My big n ten nig got a Hennessey fifth
I wake up like Mickey Cohen
Say hey freak then start the blowin
Wig pulled back like a matador
I might holla at a freak I never seen before, ya know

I fly out to San Diyayo
To la la land just to catch the late show
Count my bankroll with torns and halos
My cell phone rings and its time to make dough [money]
T.J. I'ma count my pesos
Lay low like Jose Conseco
Rake hoes as I deliver the facials
The peas in the pocket they rockin' the grey shit
We stay crunk man I thought we told ya
Shaggys back you ain't seen the posta?
Well listen to this because this might hold ya
So we can blow cheese on coke and goja
'cause' when I'm over I spit more game than the law allows
Some trick say your boy is foul
Not only do I talk the talk I walk that walk
And when I speak this is big boss talk

'cause I am so extraordinary
Doin bad things like Halley Berry
All black attire is what I'm wearing
Posin like this just keeps em staring like

this is big boss talk
Listen up baby this is big boss talk
Move it rapet this is big boss talk
Listen when we speak 'causez this is big boss talk

S-see-A-are-F-A-see-E is what my homie got on tv
Freeway ticket allegations
For the way I push the acceleration
Change the station
Playboy thoughts I've been thinking about what
Mayback cost as I'm under the toast I gotta cock the
Roast mack on your girlfriend and her folks
I don't laugh at none of their corney jocks
Get that but in the camel klutch work both player
Like is double dutch light that player then roll that


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