Mr. Lif


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[Mr. Lif]
I've got universal thoughts in my dome
But I've gotta let you know how it is back home
In Boston - the place that I dwell
Where Esoteric and 7L dropped heads well
We're virtuoso on the track - so go grab it
Gotta say peace to my man Akrobatik
You heard us on inhuman
And we're steadily improvin'
Brothers till the conclusion
Probe lyrical my man Trevski
Rise with the critical eyes Papa D
Who believed in me
From the very first track
When I was Lif to the man
And he started back pack productions
With the archaeologist Steve
Who made madness in '95 you see
The beggining of a dynasty
And can't forget the legendary Ninja-B
He used to build with me
Before I even made a song
He said the road is paved but long
And many things can go wrong
What's up One Sense with the cuts intense
Showing up with the bliz
And reminding me to live to the fullest
Plus recognize where the bull is
So I'd never get stuck
Big up T-Ruck and Insight
Hip Hop will be in shock when we unite
Knights of the Round Table
Will be the brothers to beat
Gotta send a shout to the Governor Pete
Plus my man Fakts the producer of this track
He's nice on the wheels in fact
Why don't you give him a scratch

[Fakts One] scratches "Boston" 2X

If you search for the city of which I talk
Its about four hours northeast of New York
And if its our sports history you observe
You'll find legends such as Bobby Orr and Larry Bird
And I remember when shit was hot - we used to not
Be able to see Hip Hop without the threat of getting shot
But Ed O G held it down and so did R S O
Plus Guru came form here as you know
And I've had the honor of watching the scene grow
Pete from Dif used to go
And lock down studio time just so brothers could flow
We all were excited and none could wait
To be featured on his new very freestyle tape
MCs worked hard and few were lienient
Back when Metro Concepts was main ingredient
A couple of times a month
They used to spin Hip Hop at the western front
So people could come down and check the underground sound
Mics would open up and MCs would gather round
With enough mental force to shatter sound
No body sat around - they all stood attentive
Cause the styles that they heard and observed
Were ultimately fly and inventive
Big up to Bruno from Bisquithead
He made a fly deal with the dred consignment
To put my first record in alignment
With the rest of y'all rap artists on the wall
Emerson Radio, MIT Northeastern Tufts and BC
Keep the airwaves blaze and I remember back in the days
When I used to check Dave Mays
On Harvard Radio 95.3
That was the first time that I heard Kool Keith
Mays soon went on to start The Source
And help make Hip Hop a media force
Fortunately as the story goes
Bruno, Metro, and Dif Productions
Organized shows with well known artists
So they could expose
The hard working local MCs that they know
And Lo and Behold the skills have gotten refined
Their presence is tight and the stage show is designed
And there's no doubt in my mind
As long as we use all three eyes an'
Keep strivin'
We opening acts now, about to be headlining
Defining rhyming
I love every single one of y'all - keep shining!

"It's a B o s - t o n thing" "Boston" 2X

[Man] Ayy whats up there young brother?
[Lif] 'Sup brother?
[Man] What's happening?
[Lif] Yo man, just been in the studio
[Man] Yeah I had a chance to check out
Some of your vibes, you know?
[Lif] Word
[Man] My son hipped me to it
[Lif] Cool, cool
[Man] I'm really feeling what y'all been doing
[Lif] Yo I'm glad to hear that cause
A brother's been working hard
[Man] Ayy, by the way... where y'all from?

"Boston, nigga"