Bottle Bottle

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Bottle bottle why do I love you so much
Gasping for air I come up from your lips amazed at the beauty at my fingertips
Awed by the softness and warmth of your touch
Bottle bottle why do I love you so much
You give me the strenght to go on day by day
You help keep the mem'ries of a lost love away
She left me crippled but I've found my crutch bottle bottle why do I love you so much
Your warmth and your beauty make me thirsty for more
I can't get enough of what you hold in store
Your amber reflection I see in my glass my only regret is that you're empty too fast
Bottle bottle please don't let me down fight off the feeling that's always around
Fill me with contentment and hold to my hand
And bottle bottle I'll be in your command

Autor(es): Larry Kingston

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