Bottom of the Bottle

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My whole life I've been staring out the cracks
Slipping words among the people that get close enough to grasp it
And you're looking at me like another broken glass
Getting closer to the edge without emotional attachment.
And maybe you don't see that all of this around you is a simple web of lies
That was designed to make you soundproof.
That's exactly why I scream like all the proud do
And slam against the gates with my music until I plow through.
I see the smiles and your frowns, how you feel like everything in your life is nailed to the ground
And I see you speak with the same distaste in your mouth
While everything breaks you down to the bottle, tryin to drown yourself
I guess there's no hope left, all the ships are leaving port and the wine is smelling like death and
You can smoke until there's holes in your chest, until you're breathing out your last cold breath
I wish I could have told you

And all your demons are gonna get ya. [x4]

And this wood room's full of em, from the bar to the booth
Leave the guitar in the corner and stray far from your roots
Never thanked your father for infecting your youth
With a healthy taste for violence and a hundred fifty proof
And all you ever learned from life, is an icepack
It's good to stop the swellin and for chillin down your pint glass
Now every evening as you open up your nightcap
You drink yourself away like it's the only way to fight back
And I can show you how I feel and what it does to me
And how I look you in the face and see what has become of me
I'm a product of your liquid courage company
That drowned away your sorrow before you knew that they were running free
So breathe in, and breathe out
Blur the place between us and constrict me when I reach out
Break the mirror so you never have to see out
And know that you were talking to yourself
I wish I coulda showed ya

And all your demons are gonna get ya. [x4]

It's the bottom of the bottle…
It's the bottom of the bottle…