Buried In Concrete

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Four doors around you,
No way to get out.
My worth is gone,
And my fear is lost.

A soul among millions
Is not enough
My flesh is all I have
To guard me from time

Don't want no sympathy
My fate's peaked already.

Feed you faith and your love
And don't crawl back to me.
Surpass all my needs,
Cause I'm buried in concrete.

Freedom of freedom?
Not hard to believe.
And just like a rat's trap,
We die cause of greed.
You realize your potential
And the world turns on you.
Your miraculous skills
Aren't wanted anymore.

Don't want your filthy greed
Where are you supposed to be?

Take my money and my clothes
Cause it's worth more than me
Please just leave me here
Cause I'm buried in concrete