The Rembrandts

Burning Timber

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Where is everybody goin'-always learnin' never knowin'
Try and stop the world from turning, but it won't slow down
I was the one you gave your heart to, but after all what did it get you?
Was it enough to put an end to, the risin' flames?
We stand like, burnin' timber-helpless among the cinders
I prayed for rain, when the sky was blue
What else could i do?
We need to work our way around it, and let it be the way we found it
The more that everything keeps changin', the less we are gainin'
You build me up-you cut me down-you fight me tooth and nail
Now hand in hand, we walk alone..along this blazing trail
We stand like, burnin' timber-we stand like, burnin' timber

Autor(es): Danny Wilde / Pat Mastelotto / Phil Solem

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