Arkham Witch

Burn The Witch

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The people stand and stare, they drag the woman by her hair
Parade her through the town, they´re gonna take a witch woman down!

C´mon and burn the witch!

They tie her to the stake, her eyes flask with ice cold hate
Storm clouds claim the sky, signs ward off her evil eye

Witch woman I loved you don´t you know
Your fire burns inside my soul
Repent my child before it´s too late
See how the devil can steal your fate

When we burn the witch!

The wytchfinde lights the pyre, the leaping flames get higher and higher
Spells foat on the wind - a strange nightmare settles in!

Lightning strikes the ground, storm clouds burst, the rain comes down
The witch she stands unscathed, but the village huts are all ablaze!

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