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"I must've have been half-baked tryin' to work the land I must've been some sight A shovel in my hand If you could see me turning over dirt I must've been out there for taking no advice I used to be laid-back and to be precise I like a late morning to rest my weary head You have to be gifted to get me out of bed I don't care if you give it away Give it away And I'm there I'm digging my heels in I swore I'd never quit I got me a bovine to make me look legit I got me a sheep-dog and a beat-up truck I couldn't do better to get me thru the much I couldn't do better to get me turn the mulch I have until Monday to make a little sense I got until Tuesday to present my full defense I'm betting the farm on I'm gonna lose my shirt Apart from a bovine I own a piece of dirt I must have been crazy for taking on the work I don't mind if you give it away Give it away And you're mine"

Autor(es): Paul Waaktaar-Savoy