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Wake up, the new shake up
It's to make up, the crew break up
The wait is over
Thug out, wait up
Who said get over?
No doubt, wake up

True minds are mine, 2 minds combined
When/where in time from the red sin skyline
It's match-up, it's madness with magic
2 Of the most finest putting classics
On the canvas. But, it's no use
No paints, no inks, the vocals turn into
Visions on display once he speaks
Take a seat, the story begins here
Family defined, always surrounded by mad peers
The hell [?], hoping that in 95
Will blow trees with ogs they idolize
Moms trying to keep her son close by
Pops worked all day, couldn't keep a close eye
So I had something that wasn't in each home
Raised white, but still I knew the street code
Ran with some honor roll kids [?] footstep
Keep a couple guns in their locker
Instead of books. Hoop dreams, jump shots
With hell hooks. All got shot down
By bullets and lives took
Cries, mom's tears fell on the casket
Summer's off to college
But never made it to campus
He's from a block where they consider
A [?] alarm. Friends gone, get drawn
And tatted on their arm
Don't be alarmed, we all singing
The same song. A million souls
We all singing the same song

Wake up, the new shake up
Is to make up, crews break up
The wait is over, no doubt, wait up
Who's taking over? No doubt, wait up