Polkadot Cadaver


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Your fragile eyes brainwash the weak
remaining silent so to speak
your dizzy head and weakened bones
play funeral dirges in skeletones

Brainwash my head
to clear away the lies that I've been forced and fed
what could have been?
what could it be?
that you saw inside of me
that you would ever give me your love

I believe the fact that god worships you
is going straight to your head
I'm dying to feed on your disease
and I swear I heard you say
drive through to the next window please
drive through now

All these days fade into gray
as our dying love decays
inside this cold labotomy
no brain activity
I'll turn to stone if I look your way
I can't look away
the sun wont shine a single ray
as we eclipse the apocalypse

I've got news for you now sugar
you're a real fuckin heartbreaker
but before I lay down and die
oh I've got a bigger surprise
so go and hold out your hands and close your eyes
real tight
there will be no forgetting tonight
this is a momento of my demise
take my heart here wrapped in velvet
I don't need it anymore
talk is cheap but I know you're listening
I don't want to feel anymore
sinking like a pirate
on a seagrave ship of fools
you know I'm a fool for you

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