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(feat. Slum Village)

[Slum Vilage]
This chick, this chick, this chick
Fly fly fly
Oh oh oh oh (nooo)

Yeah yeah

I asked can I get a taste now
Punch strong love you've got me slowing down my pace
And I gotta vision of you going down my waist
Never coming up until I get you out them cups
What are those? DD?
You different from my last chick Moey who was a little chill and too bubbly
See, you got me talkin funny to be around you is no good
You only here to take all my money from me

[Slum Village]
Oh oh


[Slum Village]
I woke today feelin (dandy)
I met this girl
Her name was (Brandi)
She was too fine
She was (Brandi/dandy)
I stepped the game
And needed (plan B)
Coz she was fly (fly fly fly)
So fly
Ya all dont understand me
She was fly (fly fly fly)
So fly
She was fly ah ah

Yeah, uhuh

Her name was Brandi
Care three and see
Can't you see your man's three
Spinnin like a grand G
Chillin in a Palm suite
Listenin to R&B
Feelin all comfy
Poppin up bubbly
Seen that set, lovely
Loved it, it must be your lust in my undies
Livin on the front street yelling
Ya all dont trust me cuz u know how I act
Mac..who keep chicks slammed on their back
Like Kwame killed Pac
Ay yo, ay yo, ay yo

[Slum Village]

Later I found she like (money)
Later she found
I had no (money)
Thats when I'm ?
I needed a (plan B)
But now she can't be found
Tell me where is (Brandi)

Coz that girl was fly (fly fly fly)
But I was so cheap (cheap cheap)
We lasted bout a week (week week week)
Probably bout 3 days (days days days)
I didn't mean to smash them (them)
(case case case)

Oooh damn ehh..

Ay yo Brandi Brandi [till fades]

[Slum Village]
Brandi [fading-repeat]