Lux Ferre

By My Grace... I am Divine

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By my grace i am divine
Feast me, embrace my cause
Worship me and you'll be
In my eternity

Fear no name or entity
I am just one, i am all
It's just my light
That you must follow

By my grace i am divine
Adore me, bow before me
Love me and in due time
I'll give you death

Fear no death or evil
I know it all, i am the idol
Come, follow me
Together we'll cross the styx

Repent nothing
I am the only one
Who gives and takes
Your eternal god

I am what was
And it shall be
The alpha and omega
The truth and the lie

Both evil and good
The dark and the light
The serpent and the woman
By my grace… i am divine

Autor(es): Baal SAbbath

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