Swingin' Utters

Brand New Lungs

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I'm going to find myself some brand new lungs
Because these ones are black and tired
I'll use them well and mind my health
And think nothing but good and pure thoughts

I've been bad, I know, and I'm sorry
You can still smell the smoke reek through my skin
Well I've had my way with the amenities
The depraved and loose guns are my kin

You always said
I'd have something to come back to
That I will always have a home
Well, you'll always be mine
That's who you belong to
You will never be alone

The boundaries of the poisoned sound
The bitterness is so profound
It's amazing how down and dirty others go
It's amazing how much you care at all

Forgive me,
Isn't this only a dream?
This ain't really me talking
You can't help but feel down
When you're floating around
On old borrowed wings that touch the ground

Sometimes I feel unfit to stay
Wanna take myself out, call it a day
But once I get some brand new lungs
I'll be fit to go and spend them again

And the drunks all cheat and lie
As the sober ones all cry
They feel obliged to apologize
Beg for forgiveness
To make them feel alright

Autor(es): Darius Koski

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