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I'll travel around the world taking my song away
The feeling that shows a little bit of Brazil
Shining in the heart of South America
Beating into the rhythm of happiness to the entire world feels

I'm Brazilian and my country is a continent
Where the people talent is born every day
Where God blesses the land, the sun blesses the sand
The weather is so bland, and peace is the only way

Ie, Ie, ô ô, Brazilian from the land of the Lord
All cultures, races and faiths living in accord
In soccer,samba, in sun, swinging the art
Celebrating life, I'm Brazilian from the bottom of my heart,
from the bottom of my heart, from the bottom of my heart,
from the bottom of my heart.

Everywhere you go, you can satisfy your soul
Feeling the positive vibration overgrow
From the North to the South you can find
Landscapes that you never mind, and beauties you never know

My people are welcoming and friendly
Too hot and winsome, warlike and strong
My people have a stunning beauty and happiness
And bring all their feelings alive in the rhythm of their song

And there "the hope wins the fear" and the smile wins the tear
The heart always has force to give
We overcome the difficulties, facing all the problems
With immensurable joy for living

It's just a little bit of Brazil
The land of all the saints, the land of carnival
It's a medley of culture; it's a mixture of people
Strong blood, bright soul and good astral

And be sure that there lives the future
The culture and the faith living united
The hope will never die and if something is wrong
We know that "everything is gonna be all right"