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There ain't no bread in the bread box
Because we ain't got no dough
It's seems like we ain't got enough time to go fool around no more
You been working so hard for oh so long
What do you got to show?

Open up your eyes little darling
Lets pack up your things and go
Open up your eyes little darling
Don't want to be here no more
Open up your eyes little darling
Been here for 'bout too long
Open up your eyes little darling
It's time to move along

Late in december, on a cold winter day,
I just finished bringing wood into the kitchen when i heard my amanda say
She said "elijah, you better look around. things ain't like they
Used to be. times is getting hard for you and me. come on daddy, it's
Time to shake things down."


Little way down in the middle of the city and i went up to ???
Trying to make good for my wife, with my child in my lap and
With the world upon my back.
I said sweet thing, you better hold me tight,
Things ain't like they used to be, times are hard for
You and me, come on baby, it's time to make things right.


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