Lou Barlow

Breakdown Day

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You can love a lie
Let a girl/man come inside
But never dare to let your need break through

You can't set it free
Can't bear what you might be
It's sure to be a breakdown day come soon

Your will is tested
It's not like you could be arrested
Letting go to penetrate a peace

Peace of body - peace of soul
But you're a pig of self-control
Numb and cold, you starved your hole
Now it's sure to steal your soul

Please, please, please yourself
Please, please, please your hole
But don't say please, it annoys me
You'll rot with disease if you don't please yourself
You have learned the strengths to annoy me

If a longing can be filled
When someone finally fits
It's tight but you'll get used to it
It hurts but you'll learn to crave it
Glory, too aware of yourself
Your mind and body can never behave

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